Mar 13

Things you Should Know About Female Infertility

Infertility is one of the taboos of society that can be challenging and frustrating for couples who are giving their all just to conceive. Couples feel helpless and isolated when they learn that they have a low to nil chance of conceiving. While this is not necessarily a disease, this disorder can cause the same amount of stress and hopelessness. How to get pregnant faster is the wish of many couples who are trying to conceive. However, knowing more about female infertility will strangle the misconceptions associated with the inability to conceive. By arming ourselves with what we should know about female infertility, we can assess the different options to make the right decision.

Defining Infertility
Infertility is the inability of a couple to conceive after trying for one year. Infertility for women is the inability to deliver a baby to full term.  Defining male infertility, also termed as male factor infertility, is simply the man’s attribution or cause to a couple that has no ability to conceive. Continue reading →

Mar 13

Hand Picking Which Baby Gender You Conceive

When my mom was trying to get pregnant, the only resources that she had for picking my gender were old wives tales and hoping for the best.  Things are so different today.  If you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars, you can customize your baby’s gender in a clinic. Luckily though, there are other options.  Today, we know more about the differences between the sperm that produces girl and boy babies. Today, we understand how acidity, timing, and intercourse positioning all go into determining a baby’s gender.  This article will tell you exactly what goes into picking the gender of your baby in the comfort of your own home. nother way to change PH is through douching.  I know that this too may seem old fashioned, but I’m not talking about baking soda and / or vinegar and water.  Things have come a long way since then.  There are douche and food recipes that can help you out with this.  And, if you’re really impatient and want quicker results, you can try the diet and the douching together.

Sexual Positions And Baby Gender: The girl sperm can afford a long trip to the egg because of their hardiness. So, if you want a female baby, use positions that are shallow and place the sperm far away from the cervix.  For a boy, use deep penetration to place sperm very close to the cervix.

I’ve put together a few websites that take a lot of the guess work out of choosing your baby’s gender. You’ll find step by step instructions, resources, douche recipes and food lists, tips, support, and examples of ovulation predictors / PH testing strips.

Mar 13

Baby Gender Prediction – Want to Predict Your Next Baby’s Gender?

At least I have seen some couples and have also heard of many others separating because of producing either boys only or girls only. Who should be blamed on this? Is it fate? If its fate, are we not turning back to the stone age period? But then in any way always we can ask our selves: is it possible to predict baby gender? Let us see in this article some of the ways of determining baby gender, both  before and after conception . Most times many expecting mothers visit medical personnel for check up of which baby one will be having in the next few months. Most probably and surely, many don’t get the right answers because professionally, this is not allowed. This is a professional ethic and even in case of democratic countries that have permitted abortion, many mid wives and all those who carry out check ups on expecting mothers never tell the truth on what will come. You could go to a fertility clinic, visit all the experienced personnel  but you will get no guarantee of success and could very easily spend a lot of money (think of thousands of your country currency e.g. Euros, Dollars and the like)! Many have opted for it and have always been discouraged but should this go on like this? In my own opinion NO! Why spend all these big sums when there are many other cheap alternatives?

We go right in the body of the theme. How can you really predict your next baby’s gender? One of the methods with which we can start is the Shettles Method as one of your baby predictor methods. This baby sex prediction method is based on the fact that the father’s sperm is the deciding factor in whether a baby girl or boy baby is conceived.

The fact is that the sperm that will yield to a boy baby is physically smaller, weaker, but faster than the “girl” sperm. By taking advantage of these differences Dr. Shettles realized you could actually give an advantage to one sperm over the other and often result in the baby boy or girl you wanted. Many years ago, Dr. Shettles came up with an extremely simple, at home three step system of baby gender selection but his methods have withstood the test of time and are still very popular today! Continue reading →

Mar 13

Predicting Baby Gender Medical Tests


Once pregnancy is achieved, genetic screening (CVS (chronionic villus sampling) and amniocentesis) and ultrasound scans would be the only tests which will be conducted for the way to predict newborn gender.CVS (chronionic villus sampling) and amniocentesis have 99% accuracy for how you can predict newborn gender as early as 10 weeks. Even so, these techniques present a potential risk to your baby because of the long needle which is placed inside of your expectant stomach. There is certainly a risk of losing the unborn baby for these two methods, and these tests are used for genetic data instead of guessing baby gender.

Right after 20 weeks, an ultrasound scan might be utilized for predicting baby gender. This specific process will be the most common, secure and pain free. Nevertheless, the outcomes aren’t 100% accurate if ever the infant is not in the proper posture. Furthermore, you need to wait for 20 weeks, which may be misery!

The gender selection methods for forecasting newborn gender are 100% secure and proven to work. Check out the testimonial coming from a woman who has figured out the best way to guess newborn sex.

Kristina Duclos very first discovered predicting baby sex when she was practicing fertility awareness from the book, “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler. Using the gender selection methods for guessing baby gender, Kristina was able to accurately guess the sex of two friends’ babies as well as her own daughter!Elizabeth was thrilled to share with Kristina that she was pregnant. When it was discovered that Elizabeth had sexual intercourse the identical night she ovulated, Kristina knew immediately how you can predict baby sex. It was clear that Elizabeth was having a boy considering that the male sperm was the first to arrive at the egg as a result of its quickly swimming capabilities.

How You Can Estimate Baby Gender – Newborn Ella

Using the Fertility Awareness Method, Kristina believed she was pregnant just before actually taking a pregnancy test. Given that she was knowledgeable about when she had intercourse and when ovulation happened, Kristina understood predicting baby gender. The day of sex was six days prior to ovulation without having any sexual intercourse in between. It was clear that she was having a girl as a result of the male semen being long gone a number of days prior to the female seminal fluid reached the egg. Kristina was so convinced she was having a girl that she purchased pink girly ornaments for the baby’s room months prior to her due date.